6.2 Identifying and Describing Parties

Parties are the core entity for the Party Identification and Enrichment Standard (PIE). Each PieMessage must contain one Party composite which, in turn, requires at a minimum the following sub-elements:

  • PartyReference (so that it can be referred to from other Party composites);

  • At least one PartyId composite;

  • At least one PartyName composite; and 

  • PartyType.

The PartyType allows a general classification of the Party and contains values such as NaturalPerson, StagePersona, Group, Character, Anthropomorph and others.

The standard requires the provision of at least one identifier but allows to include multiple identifiers for each Party. Each identifier may either be an International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI), DDEX Party ID (DPID), Interested Party Information (IPI) Name Number, International Performer Number (IPN), CISAC Society ID or a proprietary identifier.

Additional tags in the Party composite can also be provided. They are defined in the XML Schema Definition for this standard. This includes the linking of Parties (e.g. different public personas of the same person).