8.1 Subscription (GET SubscriptionId)

8.1.1    Purpose

This command can be used by a Release Distributor to request information about PieMessage that are ready for that particular Release Distributor to receive from a Metadata Provider.

The Release Distributor will call, after appropriate authentication if needed, the web service address previously agreed between the Metadata Provider and the Release Distributor.

8.1.2    Syntax of Reply

The web server shall return one of the following standard HTTP status codes with their standard HTTP response code semantics:

  • 200 (OK);

  • 400 (Bad request);

  • 401 (Unauthorised);

  • 404 (Not found);

  • 503 (Service unavailable due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server); and

  • 500 (Internal server error)

Other standard HTTP status codes may be used on bilateral agreement between the Release Creator and the Release Distributor.

The web server shall also return to the calling web service client an Atom Feed document as defined in Clause 9.1.