9.3 PieRequestMessage

The PieRequestMessage shall have the syntax as defined in the relevant XML Schema Definition file.

When ingesting a PieRequestMessage, the recipient shall combine the data provided in the RequestedParty composite with a logical AND conjunction (e.g. a query that provides a //Resource/ResourceId/ISRC of GB-UM7-180405-1 and a //Work/WorkId/ISWC of T-070.241.141-3 is asking for a party involved with both creations, i.e. a person involved in the recording of "Jealous Guy" and in the writing of the song "Imagine".

When sending a PieRequestMessage for a name where the sender does not know the type of the name (e.g. whether it is a KeyName or some other name part), the sender should include the search string into the //PartyName/FullName tag even if the sender is not sure whether the string is in fact the full name and the recipient of such a PieRequestMessage shall accommodate this.